Safety is for both you and others riding with you.

Take a minute to read the safety notes below so you and other will enjoy your riding!

Important Notes for Bicycle Saftey:

  • Start means ready to roll/ride time.
  • Bicycle safety is our number one goal.
  • Bike Helmets are required.
  • Do not overlap wheels.

Communicate what you are doing to other and being a courteous is important:

  • Make sure that the rides you are with know what you are doing and where you are.
  • Call “rider up” and “rider back”.
  • Let people know when you are passing them with either “on your left” or “Good morning”.
  • Let the people you are riding with know if you are slowing.
  • If you are leading/pulling signal when you are going to the back of the line.
  • If you are the last one in line and the leader is rotating to the back let them know that you are the last wheel by calling out “last wheel”.
  • When entering an intersection let the other riders know if the intersection is clear or yell “stop” or what is appropriate.
  • Make sure that other know what you are doing if you are going out of the pace line. Communicate!

* Speed: We ride from 16 to 24+ mph depending on lots of factors but “no one left behind”. Groups: C 15-18, B 18-20 and B+ 20-22 average while in the pace line.
* Remember to bring enough water.
* Think about warm up and cool down. Think about stretching before and after your ride.
* You burn about 600 calories an hour and need to have enough food to replenish or bonk.
* We are a social riding group who is dedicated to riding and friendship. We are not a club, there are no members, no dues and rides are open all.
* You are riding at your own risk.

For more information E-mail our group

Grupetto is not a club or organization but a meetup for road bike riders

RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Cycling can be dangerous, accidents occur.

By participating in a ride you acknowledge that you understand the risks involved and you take responsibility for your own safety. If you are not comfortable with the rider immediately in front, beside, or behind you, move to a different position in the pace line or drop out. We expect riders to adhere to generally accepted rules of safe cycling and to ride in control. Helmets are required. Be courteous to drivers. Follow all Florida State traffic laws relating to bicycling. No Aero Bars. It is recommended you carry identification, medical information and who to contact in case of an emergency.